Basic Terms & Conditions

    • All Pricing includes VAT.
    • 50% Deposit before design commences.
    • Balance payable before live release of website.
    • Direct Debit on all accounts, 1 month in advance.
    • 24 month contract for web design available to approved customers.
    • Package does not include Logo design.
    • The above estimated pricing is based upon Red Apple Media hosting the relevant site, please see the hosting packages available. Red Apple Media reserves the right to change the estimated web design pricing if the client decides to host with a different server provider.
    • We strive not to use templates, we prefer to be creative and custom build our websites and believe this helps portray your image better.
    • Web Site development will not commence until a 50% non refundable deposit has been received.
    • All websites are to be completed within a 3-4 week period, thereafter the outstanding balance is to be settled immediately.
    • All sites are proofed on the redapple.co.za domain and only after full settlement has been received will the relevant site become active on that sites personalized domain.
    Website elements can be upgraded or altered at any time and will be subject to the applicable hourly design rate.


All Hosting packages are subject to the following terms and conditions.

  • A compulsory monthly debit order contract to be signed before commencement of subscribed services.
  • All setup, registration, pro rata first month fee and a one month fee in advance will all be debited on your first debit order. All debit orders will commence between the 28th & the 1st of every month or the first working day thereafter.
  • All registered domains hosted by Red Apple Media are subject to a yearly renewal fee approximately R100.00 incl vat. Fees may change without prior notice. This will automatically be debited to your account at the relevant yearly date of inception.
  • All hosting packages are subject to a 12 month contract, whereby after 12 months this authority may be cancelled by the client by giving us thirty days notice in writing, sent by prepaid registration post. The client remains subject to all relevant fees still owing until termination date, including the 30 days cancellation notice.
  • Debit orders are subject to a yearly increase, relevant to inflation, and will be amended automatically on the 31st January of every year irrespective of contract inception date.
  • Although Red Apple Media will do all in its power to preserve and backup all relevant data, web sites, their data base/s and email, we however can not be held liable for any loss of data (be it in which ever format) which may arise due to circumstances beyond our control.
  • Red Apple Media hold the right to suspend accounts if the full said monthly payment has not been received by the 7th of every month, be it from what ever payment option/format you have chosen. Services are paid in advance and therefore no rolling accounts can be accepted.
  • Suspended account/s may attract reconnection fees if the account is consistently settled late every month.  Reconnection fees are charged at R57.00 incl vat.
  • Accounts which have been suspended and wish to reconnect must settle the entire accumulated outstanding amount including all charged reconnection fees.
  • The Client who has a suspended account will still be liable for outstanding amounts for the duration of the said contract period, 12 months compulsory.
  • Red Apple Media hold the right to presume criminal proceedings after 3 months of failure to keep the said account up to date in order to collect all current and future outstanding fees.
  • Red Apple Media and all its affiliated companies will not be held liable for any loss or damage, in what so ever format, as a result of accounts being suspended or for circumstance arising which are beyond our/their control.
  • If an account is suspended due to outstanding fees still owing to Red Apple Media due to what ever reason, no said domain/s will be allowed to transfer away from us until such time as the entire outstanding amount is settled in full.


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